2.5 miles in Bernal Heights

I haven't walked in a good two weeks.  I thought, Allison, let's just jump into the deep end.  So, I decided to walk up the side of Bernal Heights and then down the other.

What was I thinking???  This hill is steep!

It also makes for a challenging walk because it has a ton of little dead end roads which I had to double back on.

To get to the top of the hill on the west side, you have to climb a million stairs that wind through the backyards of homes.  Think Telegraph Hill.

It's important to note that I did this in the dark.  Probably not the smartest plan since there are few lights along the path.

I never felt threatened, in fact I think the neighborhood is super charming and kid-friendly.  But, it was dark nonetheless, so I had my pepper spray in hand ready to spray down any monsters lurking in the bushes.

I never came across any monsters, but I did come across this house at the top of the hill that I WANT.

It not only has a really cool design, but it has THIS view from all the windows on the north side of the house.

I like Bernal Heights a great deal because it's:

1) artsy; 

2) inspiring; and

3) loves gardening as much as I do.

I'm gonna come back one day when I can actually see what's happening in the neighborhood garden.  With a super awesome entry like this, the garden has to rock.


  1. You missed the historic parts of Precita! 623 Precita, (built in 1917ish) the Park and once Le Conte, now Flynn Elementary.

  2. Ooh! Thanks for the historical info...I snapped some pics of Flynn Elementary when I walked past last May (http://www.allisonwalkssf.com/2010/05/37-miles-in-bernal-heights.html) but didn't know the building was so old. Very cool!


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