2.6 miles in Cow Hollow

Welcome to Cow Hollow.

This neighborhood is quintessential San Francisco. 
The houses are super well maintained...

...and Union Street is lined with classy stores and restaurants.

I love that this neighborhood nods respectfully to yesteryear with its neon signs.

Question: What qualifies a place as a motor inn - a parking lot?

They aren't kidding about the palms.  The pool area is small but lush with palms.  So tropical!

I'm not sure why I'm sharing this with you, other than it's magnificent.

But nothing is as magnificent as the destination of my walk - Kara's Cupcakes! If you haven't been - go.  The cupcakes are amazing. And...they have gluten free cupcakes which are also amazing. I'm off to go eat one now.  Have a swell evening!


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