3 miles in Pacific Heights

Welcome back to Pacific Heights.  To differentiate from my previous walk in 2009, we'll call this the "up-and-down-and-up-and-down-the-really-steep-hill" walk.

If you want to see beautifully painted houses, this is the neighborhood.

The apartment buildings are even very attractive.

Union Street to the north is lined with really cute stores and restaurants and a TON of hair salons.

One of the oldest buildings in the neighborhood is the Octagon House (now a museum) built in 1861.  According to Wiki, the walls are made of cement and etched to look like bricks.  I'm kinda curious what it looks like inside, and may just need to come back for a tour...

Another oldie but goodie on this walk is the Fillmore Street stairway installed in 1915.  The rise of these steps is awkwardly short, so I figured out (halfway up the hill) that it's comfier to take the steps two at a time.

Ooh!  Okay.  This is dorky to admit, but I got excited when I spotted the bookmobile. 

You know what else was exciting to spot?...

...the Karavan!


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