1.6 miles in Visitacion Valley

Alright, so initially when I contrived this whole "walking every street" thing, I didn't really mean to include streets east of the 280.  BUT, I've rethought things and a deal is a deal.  Every street means EVERY street.  So I decided to give the Visitation neighborhood a look-see. 

Yes, this Visitacion.

While some of the establishments and homes are a tad depressed...

...the majority are not.  This house could be anywhere in the city.
And check out this ride!

There is definitely a unique charm to this neighborhood.

It has something to do with the signage.

A gentlemen in the street informed me that this place serves the best fried fish on the street.  (From what I could see, it is the ONLY place that serves fried fish on the street.)

Oh, and if you haven't seen this before, head over to the corner of Leland and Bay Shore Blvd. to see this tree fashioned out of parking meters.


  1. The neighborhood is Visitacion Valley. "VisVal" to some of the locals. In the time I've lived in SF there have been a couple of people who claimed to have walked every street...but no documentation to support it! This is a great project, Allison. Good luck!

  2. Ooh, thanks for the clarification! I just updated the title of this post to "Visitacion Valley."


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