2.8 miles in the Inner Richmond

On the official scale known globally as "Would Allison Baltzersen Live Here," the Inner Richmond gets a five out of five.  I love this hood!  The houses are really charming and...

...it has everything you need, from a showroom of lamps...

...to free comforter giveaways.

It also has a high incidence of Thai restaurants. (Extra point for that!)

It has an old timey motel for guests...

...and a brand spankin' new library for locals.

Oh, and it is home to the large Star of the Sea elementary school.

I realized tonight that after a year and a half of walks, I have yet to give proper love to the Bay Area's own See's Candies.  So here it is: See's Chocolate is mighty fine! My personal favorites are the candies called Toffee-ettes.  What's really fun is to watch the girls behind the counter rapidly assemble a variety box of chocolates to your specs... it's an artform.


  1. Have you hit 23rd and California yet? Stop at 211 Pizzetta. The space has a good vibe. Before it was a pizza place it was a bakery called Mary's for about 20 years. Before that it was a barber shop, but before that it was a church where they would worship light. Pretty funky little spot.

  2. I have been by there, but I didn't stop in :( I will definitely go back to check out 211 Pizzetta, though. Sounds like a very cool spot - thanks for sharing!


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