4.1 miles in Outer Sunset

This is a walk I took last weekend when the weather was perfectly awesome.  Not this weekend when it was not.

I wrote about an abridged course in this neighborhood over at Ocean Beach Bulletin.  Go check out my pictures of the Pizza Place on Noriega, Noriega Produce, Polly Ann's Ice Cream then come back here to see these bonus pics from the extended walk:

Okay, I hate to be a stickler, but this quote is actually attributed to the 16th Century German  Reformer, Martin Luther.  It's a really good quote, though.  I've used it myself before.

Speaking of planting things, this plant is fantastic.  I'd love to know what it's called.

Over at Ocean Beach Bulletin, I talk about visiting the Mini Ortega library.  Well, here's an inside shot.  It is most definitely mini.  There are a total of four bookshelves lining the tiny space. (FYI "Hot Hot Hot Titles" include one or more of the following terms: "fang," "bitten," "immortal," "twilight," "midnight," "moonlight" and/or "spell.")

And back to planting things, what is this plant called?  I've seen them before, but never this tall.  


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