2 miles in Merced Manor

Google is wrong!  This is Merced Manor, not Parkside.  The latter is north of Stern Grove. 

I took this walk on Sunday.  In the rain.  The verdict is still out on whether that was a smart idea or not since the temperature was about 54 degrees and my pants were thoroughly soaked when I got home.  Regardless of potential pneumonia, it was a great walk because this neighborhood has serious curb appeal.

I dare you to find more perfect lawns anywhere else in town. 

It's real grass.  I touched it.

I love their use of flowers, too.  Really jazzes up a crosswalk.

Oh, and we can't forget the lawn ornamentation.  These are the crown jewels of the neighborhood.  I see these every time I drive to the Stonestown Mall.  I've probably photographed them four times now.  I can't help it; they're magnificent.

Of course, the neighborhood isn't 100% perfect...thanks to this house.  But I think a creepy little door rounds out any walk very nicely...even in an otherwise perfectly manicured neighborhood.


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