0.8 miles in Western Addition

My sister-in-law, Sam and her baby joined me on this one, so we kept the walk short and kept our eye on the prize:
The Margaret S. Hayward Playground.
As we headed west on Eddy, I spotted this huge garden in the middle of the very urban neighborhood.  And you know how I feel about neighborhood gardens...

What's this? Free food?!  I don't understand how this works and I'm skeptical of anything free.  So, someone please share with me how exactly this garden works.  Is it free food in exchange for weed pulling?  I need to know!
Jackpot! The playground was completely empty so we had the pick of all the rides. I have not been on a swing in approximately 15 years.  So I gave it a try...And proceeded to get completely nauseous. 
How do kids do it?
If you are under the age of 12 and into slides, like one member of our party, you are going to love this playground - it has six different slides, some straight, some spiral, all fun.
Sorry, pooch - no dogs allowed in this park. :/


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