1.9 in the Marina District

Truth: I took this walk in March but forgot to post it.  Oh, well...count it toward April.  This was one of those magnificently warm evenings we were blessed with at the end of the month.

The Marina District is a perfect neighborhood
to tool around on a warm evening.

This is my favorite house in the neighborhood. 
I love the textures and shapes.

Chestnut Street rules.  Have I told you that before?  There is so much fun shopping and eating to be had, I could have window shopped all night.  Just FYI - do whatever you can to avoid parking in this area. There are about 2 spots for every 10 cars looking.

I'm a big fan of The Tipsy Pig.  Especially brunch on the weekends.  Yum!

The Marina Supermarket is a (not so little) gem.  I stopped in to pick up some ingredients for dinner and was surprised to see how big the building is inside.  It's pretty much a full-size grocery store with a nice selection of gourmet items.


  1. I live in the Marina and love Chestnut Street. Also, my husband and I always point out that house each time we pass by it. We love its design. Also, I love brunch at Tipsy Pig and Delarosa. Everyone flocks to the Marina on a warm day, but it's nice to see everyone out and about!

  2. Nimisha, you are a lucky duck! What a great neighborhood to live in, warm day or not.


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