2.7 miles in Inner Richmond/Presidio Terrace

This walk was mostly in the Inner Richmond, but the best part of the walk was in the little circular neighborhood called Presidio Terrace.

I spend quite a bit of my free time in the Inner Richmond.  I like the restaurants in this neighborhood and I love Green Apple Books.

The transition between the Inner Richmond and Presidio Terrace is pretty clear.  Houses look like this outside the gate...

...and then inside the gate...

...they suddenly look like this.

A little bit of an upgrade, I guess.

I NEED THIS HOUSE.  Unfortunately, it's currently inhabited by some lady name Diane Feinstein.  Whatever.

These hearts are installed all over the city in very public locations like Union Square.  But this little gem is standing in a private lawn inside Presidio Terrace.  I think this makes my photo exclusive.  oooOOOOooohhhh.


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