2 miles in Mission Terrace

Yeah, I didn't know there was a neighborhood called Mission Terrace either.

It's actually a pretty decent wedge of the city, considering it borders Geneva, a really busy (and dangerous) street.  Pedestrians - be alert when you walk on Geneva, the crosswalks are bizarre because they aren't always at intersections with traffic signals!

The side streets are actaully pretty cozy.  Alemany has a really nice boulevard of trees for shade.

The gigantic focal point of Mission Terrace is Balboa High School.  I don't know what the quality of the education is here, but the facility looks pretty great.

The athletic fields are huge and well maintained.

There is a fairly good sized garden in the back yard.

And its mural is painted by a friend of mine.  Seriously. I know the guy that painted this one.  Too bad the fences keep me from actually seeing any of the details.  It looks pretty cool from the street, though.

As for other art in the neighborhood, this one stands out.  My theory is that it was painted by a disgruntled sunflower seed eater.

And then there was this one.  I dig the 'stache.


  1. Balboa High School has metal detectors... :p But I'm sure you already know this by now, SF has plenty of great pocket-sized microhoods :)

  2. Balboa actually does not have metal detectors (I work there).

    Also, that mural is actually part of Denman, the middle school next to Balboa (and I agree, it does look pretty cool!).

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