2.1 miles in The Mission

Don't ask if I'm getting close to being done with walking the Mission...because I'm not.  It's a huge neighborhood and I've got so many more miles to trek in it. :/ I'm cool with it because the streets are relatively flat, there's plenty to see and eat, and the sketch level is manageable.

The Halberstadt Fencers' Club is a unique point of interest in this neighborhood.

As is the Albers sign on the Victoria Theatre.  I did a quick search for Albers flapjack flour and learned it was made by the Albers brothers of Portland, OR at the turn of the 20th century, but I can't tell when it stopped being made.  Maybe it still is?

This section of the Mission is peppered with a variety of restaurants.  I like Irma's sign because it says, "Filipino BBQ in Town."  Three bucks says it used be, "Best BBQ in Town" and they somehow lost the "title."  There's a story there...

And then there's the graffiti.  This doorway is boss.

I love owls.

How does this happen?


If you need some inspiration to be happy, study the awesomeness of this van.


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