2.7 miles in Dogpatch

I have heard people rave about how cool the Dogpatch neighborhood is, but I was still surprised when  I got here.

I read online that Dogpatch is home to some of the oldest buildings in San Francisco because it fared so well in the 1906 earthquake and it saw no new development for most of the 20th century.

I expected to see a bunch of abandoned old buildings.  Not surprisingly, Dogpatch delivered.

What was surprising, however?  This. 
Yes, that's an eggplant.

Also surprising was how delicious the ice cream is at Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous. 

No, these aren't all mine.  I'm only admitting to eating the middle one.  I sampled the others and have determined that my favorite flavors are the praline and horchata. YUM!

As you know I'm celiac, so finding anything gluten free gets me jazzed.  I just about had a heart attack when we happened upon this entirely gluten free store.

Christopher, the owner is super helpful and the selection is great for the prices.  Take that Whole Foods.  I think I just found my new #1.

My non-celiac friends waiting for me to shop found the action across the street at The Ramp to be quite entertaining.  Apparently, a dude took a girl to The Ramp for some drinks only to accidently bump into his current GIRLFREIND.  Yikes.  A brawl consequently ensued which required police intervention.  There was hair-pulling and name-calling galore.

Other points of interest included this really fun garage door mural,

what I think is a painting of Willie Mays,

and this mysterious hanging tube.


  1. District 10's India Basin, Portola, Bayview, Candlestick Point, Little Hollywood and Silver Terrace await!

  2. I'm going to try joining WalkSF next weekend as they walk that part of town. Can't wait!



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