1.5 miles in Bernal Heights

This was, admittedly, a rather short hiatus.  I just couldn't help myself - the weather was too nice this weekend to stay indoors.

I decided to hit the south side of Bernal Heights hill.  It's funky.

I'm not as afraid of Paulina as I am of that little doll.

But if you want REALLY creepy dolls, you need to head on down to the Alemany Flea Market, quite possibly the greatest flea market in the world.

This flea market is huge and loaded with all sorts of treasures.

If you're looking for a sparkly green wig head, this flea market has one.

Same goes for an alligator head...

...and a gnarly violin.

My brother approves of the plethora of musical instruments at the flea market.  We'll definitely be back. 


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