1.8 miles in Forest Knolls

Since my husband was home to watch the baby this morning,
I decided to take advantage and hike up Mt. Sutro.

Forest Knolls is the neighborhood at the top of the hill.

Aside from this lonesome television, the roads are fairly quiet and devoid of points of interest.

I hate when this happens.

Unlike other hilltops in the city that are reserved for scenic overlooks, the top of Mt. Sutro is actually covered by UCSF buildings and parking lots.  There is a wooded open space in the middle but it is lined with insanely tall trees to eliminate any possible views of the city.  Ergo, my photos are what you call: BORING.  Sorry.

This sign should be bright red with flashing lights because about eighteen inches beyond that little rope barrier is an EXTREMELY steep plummet-to-your-instant-death-probably-to-not-be-found-again shoulder in the middle of the open space.  Definitely not a kid-friendly walk.


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