5.5 miles - Glide Bridge to Bridge

It's the first week in October, so you know what that means?

This is my third Bridge to Bridge.  
I walked the 12k in 2009 and tried to run the 12k in 2010 .
This year, I decided to take it easy by only walking the 7k with friends.
We took it reeealy easy by stopping mid-race for lattes.

We were so slow, we ended up behind the sweeper trucks. :/  

Oh, well.  We couldn't resist stopping to take in the views.

 I knew the Exploratorium was moving from the Palace of Fine Arts, I just didn't know where.  This location is going to be great!
We ended the 7k walk with a time of 1:38.  Yeah, that's right: 24 minute miles.  Ha!  Who cares, it was fun and for a good cause: the Special Olympics. 

After the walk, we tooled around the finish line expo to pick up free samples, including chocolate milk.  I don't know about it's refueling value, but it is a tasty treat. 


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