1.8 miles in Bernal Heights

This walk through Bernal Heights was quite possibly
one of my favorite all year.  

Here's why:
 I walked with my best pals, Sam and Heather.

 They're fun.

 We spent most of the walk perusing stores along Cortland Ave.
  I bought some nifty spoons for Dumplin' Bean at Heartfelt.

 Sam and Heather helped me spot random whimsy in the neighborhood like these gnomes...

...and this poetry.
And of course my favorite part of any walk - the meal.  We chowed down on Cambodian food at Angkor Borei on Mission Street.  Cambodian flavors sit snugly between Vietnamese and Thai.  So SO tasty.  And the service was fantastic.  This restaurant is staying on the top of my favorites list.


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