4 Miles in the Inner Richmond


After completing this four mile walk in the Inner Richmond tonight, I am just four miles shy of 600!

For funzies, I figured out that 596 miles is the same distance as Reno, Nevada is from Tijuana, Mexico.  That would be one helluva walk.  I've been to Tijuana.  I'd much rather zig-zag all over San Francisco.  

Although, some of the streets of Tijuana did look a bit like Geary.

Sweet, sweet, Geary...

It's important to note that I stubbed the beepity-beep out of my left pinky toe yesterday (pretty sure something in my foot is broken) and probably shouldn't be on the foot at all.  BUT, I am too determined to hit the 600 mile mark this weekend to let a little pain hold me back.

Thankfully, my brother and sister joined me on the walk to distract me from the shooting pains.   

True story: At the beginning of our walk, my brother discovered a broken phone on the corner of 7th and Geary.  Out of curiosity, he pressed a few buttons, illuminating the keypad and accidentally hitting the redial button.  To our surprise, both halves of the dismembered phone worked and the call went to a voicemail box. Feeling an awkward obligation, we left a quick message, giving the location of the phone carcass.  When we returned to the corner at the end of the walk about an hour later, the phone was gone.   

Swollen foot or no, I will be on the streets of the Tenderloin this Sunday to walk those last four miles so I can end the year on the glorious round number of 600.  Until then, stay safe.


  1. You made it back! Congrats. I check in occasionally & have been meaning to forward a 'well done' re your achievements. Not to mention your good taste in meandering my old hoods- Precita Park & now 46th Ave @ Santiago.

    This native San Franciscan has enjoyed immensely your on-going narrative. Keep it up & I hope the foot doesn't trouble you to much!


  2. Thank you! I was fortunate to visit San Francisco twice this year to squeeze in a 11 more walks. Not sure when I'll be back again, but, of course, when I do visit again, I will most definitely keep walking toward my goal!


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