2.3 Miles in Lakeside

Lakeside is a little sliver of a neighborhood that isn't actually on the side of a lake (Stonestown Gallareia mall and SFSU are between Lakeside and Lake Merced), but it's close enough to count.

This is a very well manicured neighborhood with spacious lots containing single-family homes.  There is a short commercial strip in this neighborhood that includes a few restaurants, library, bank and other necessities.

The yards in this neighborhood are actually large enough to necessitate fencing. 
White picket fencing, to be specific.

The fog was pretty heavy the day we walked through so I was excited to see so many brightly colored flowers to perk up the otherwise gray neighborhood.

This neighborhood is in a very handy location.  It's just south of Stern Grove, just west of a large mall, and runs along a Muni rail making commuting to downtown a snap.  The roads are relatively flat so very easy to walk.  It's a quiet suburban oasis in the middle of an otherwise bustling area of the city.


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