1.6 Miles in Diamond Heights

Last Saturday morning, while we were visiting San Francisco, I got up early to do a quick walk by myself before breakfast.  This walk was clumsy and short. I had to backtrack several times to hit all of the streets completely.


I didn't mind the extra walking around this neighborhood because it was quiet and peaceful.  The grade of the streets was not nearly as steep as I expected so I found the walk very easy.

There are a couple of things that make this neighborhood distinct.  First, the streets are all named after minerals like amethyst and amber.  Like the toddler amber teething necklace I like to wear.

Second, is this style of architecture. I don't know its name and I haven't noticed this style anywhere else in town.  I think it's neat the way the front door is right out on the sidewalk but it's a trickster because there's actually an open yard behind the door before the REAL front door opens into the house.


And, third, this neighborhood is home to the San Francisco Police Academy.

Just next door to the Police Academy is a very nice community garden.

All in all, this is a really quiet, pleasant neighborhood that is easy and safe to walk with or without a stroller.


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