2.1 Miles in Noe Valley

Well, this walk is small but mighty! While only a little over two miles, the steep inclines make for a workout but the views are worth it!

Hey, there!  I'm back in the Bay for a work weekend and squeezed in one day of walking on what happens to be the 10th anniversary month of allisonwalkssf.  It seems crazy that I've been plodding along on this project for ten years now.  Click HERE to see my very first post from 2009.

Since I don't live in the Bay anymore and can only walk when I visit once a year or so, it will likely take me a few more decades to finish.  BUT I WILL DO IT! So help me, I hate unfinished projects. Ha!

My mom tagged along this trip and we knocked out three walks in one day.  First up: Noe Valley. 

Say hi, mom!  I hope this photo illustrates how stinkin' steep the streets are on the west side of Noe Valley. 

In the middle of this neighborhood (between 27th and Duncan on Castro Street) there is an open space that has surprisingly excellent views of downtown and Twin Peaks.  It is absolutely no frills (offering one park bench and this stump to sit/stand on) but a good spot to stop and catch your breath.

Coming down the loose gravel north face of the open space is tricky but doable if you tread slowly. 

In addition to having steep sidewalks, this section of Noe Valley has a few sets of stairs to navigate. This area of Noe Valley is not an easy walk by any means, but the views and workout are worth it!


  1. tt (timtamblyn@gmail.com)September 10, 2019 at 12:42 PM

    Allisonwalkssf: 'you are there' par excellence!

    Looks like it was great weather. No food or beverage reviews?


    The hike and views up on the wild space, Billy Goat Hill(?) Are great.

    You were very close to a 1906 earthquake shack- on Valley.

    PS Has your mom noticed your recent choices of 'challenging' terrain?


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