MASTER MAP: 682.5 Miles Walked!


Hot diggity dog! I just tallied the mileage from my last few years of extremely sporadic walks and I am now up to 682.5 miles of San Francisco city streets walked. (For those of you just tuning in, there are right around 1,000 miles of San Francisco CITY streets to walk. I emphasize CITY because I am not counting the FEDERAL streets inside the Presidio as a requirement to complete this project.)  Closing in 70% completed feels pretty dang good for a project that is now moving into its 14th year.  Here's where I'm focusing my energy on my next walks:


Let me start with listing the neighborhood's I'm completely finished walking:

  • Sunset
  • Richmond
  • Marina
  • Warf
  • Chinatown
  • Nob Hill
  • Financial District
  • Downtown (including Tenderloin)

Whoo-hoo! It feels good to scratch these off the list.  Now, on to neighborhoods I'm getting very close to finishing in one or two more walks:

  • Russian Hill
  • North Beach
  • Western Addition
  • Pac Heights
  • Haight
  • Castro
  • Bernal Heights
  • South of Market (SOMA)
  • Noe Valley

Here is the list of neighborhoods that will take several more walks to finish but I've got a decent jump on them:

  • Mission
  • Twin Peaks
  • Port
  • Ingleside
  • Lake Merced
  • Excelsior

And then, lastly the two neighborhoods I haven't even started:

  • Portrero Hill
  • Hunter's Point

My inclination is to just knock out everything north/west of Market and then focus all my energy on the south/east, but maybe that's not a good plan. I remember getting fatigued with repeated walks in the Sunset when I wanted to focus exclusively on it.  Maybe I'm better off continuing to jump around the City with each walk to keep it interesting.  Your thoughts?

Who knows when I'll be back in town, but when I am I'll post new walks here.  See ya!


  1. "I emphasize CITY because I am not counting the FEDERAL streets inside the Presidio as a requirement" But, but the Eucalyptus scent?!? :)

    Re: sameness- nothing quite like the Sunset so you're unlikely to experience that... maybe portions of Bayview.

    Recommendation: walk up Kansas from 20th, hang a right (after huffing and puffing) on 19th and stop at the school fence to peer north towards downtown. An excellent, unexpected view. (Streetview reflects my 1966 memories)

    No idea if the tours still run but I vaguely recall your interest in guided tours of the SE waterfront, Bayview, Hunters Point...

    Congrats on the progress. Always a pleasure.


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