3 mile Avon Warm-Up Walk

Saturday's walk was special because it was the official Avon Walk for Breast Cancer kick-off party at the Westin St. Francis in Union Square and a 3-mile Warm Up Walk. 

I've already walked the course we took up Nob Hill, through Chinatown and around The Embarcadero so I won't bother posting many pics from the walk.

The walkers were broken up into groups of 20 or so.  The leader of our group in the very front with the pink feather on the back of her hat has done five Avon Walks. Five!  Whoa.  You get the brown "Repeat" shirt when you walk more than one time.  I saw alot of brown shirts.  Very impressive.

My sister and sis-in-law (on the left) joined us in the fun even though they aren't going to participate in the big walk.  The girls on the right are going to walk San Francisco.

A decent picture of me in my Avon Walk shirt.  I think I'm going to update my profile pic with this one to look more mature.  I've been told donkey ears are not mature.  Whatevs.

When we got back to the Westin for the party, there were several hundred people crammed into the room.  Good turnout.  Very exciting to be a part of something so big and so pink!  Let's get walking!


  1. Love the recap and sorry I missed the fun :( Can't wait till the real walk in June!!


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