3.6 miles in Inner Richmond

Dunzo!  With the Richmond District, that is.  I can tell I'm getting stronger because this walk was a piece of cake.  The weather was phenomenal too, I might add.

This section of the Inner Richmond is a mixed bag...

of beautiful homes...

and not so beautiful homes...

and those somewhere in between.

Some paint jobs are noteworthy.

I especially like this entryway.

This is a first for me: Hebrew sidewalk grafitti.

This neighborhood has a ton of churches.

Christ Church wins for best paint job and smallest door.

Balboa Street is the one commercial street in the neighborhood.  (Um, am I the only one that reads 'crazzz' like 'spazzz'?)

Who is naming these places?!

There is something kind of lost in time about this neighborhood.  It could be the worn paint.

This is in fact NOT a quilt.

Alright. That's all for this post.  Remember this:


  1. Glad you got a tour of the neighborhood! Love the pics. Geary and Clement are also commercial corridors in the Richmond, which extends from Fulton over to Lake Street. And Uncle Boy's! I hear they have great burgers (and they deliver!), still have to try it.

    Sarah B.

  2. Oooh, I love all of the culinary delights on Clement Street. The Richmond is currently reigning as my favorite area of town due to its proximity to the beach, the park and FOOD! Did you say burgers? I'm putting Uncle Boy's on my restaurants to try list immediately.


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