FOOD!: The Pot's

Last month, a friend of mine mentioned the Chinese cuisine of 'hot pot.'  I've never had it before so we decided she would introduce me to it.  I walked past The Pot's on my long Sunset District walk earlier this month and thought it looked like a good place to try.

I will say this right up front: hot pot is really fun and I highly recommend it.  This is a very social eating experience so when you go, take friends.  And, because of the fixed pricing, go hungry to get your money's worth.

It's an all-you-can-eat menu.  You choose the broth you would like to cook your food in, then you choose all the foods you want to try.  We chose about 18 different items to share.  On the adventurous scale of 1-5, we were about a 4, ordering the cuddle fish, black fungus and lotus root among other basic ingredients like tofu, bok choy, serloin, shrimp and winter melon.  We passed on the duck feet, sea cucumber hearts and pork blood.  But maybe next time...

Then, like fondu, everyone throws their food into the communal pot of broth and scoops it back out to eat.  In all, The Pot's gets a big thumbs up.  It is a really exciting way to eat dinner so good fun for old friends or more awkward meals like a first date or dinner with the in-laws.  We are most definitely going back!


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