1 mile in the Presidio

My family's in town and the weather was incredible in San Francisco today so we took not one, but two walks! After brunch at Park Chow (yum x infinity), we meandered through GGP (which I'm going to write about over at Ocean Beach Bulletin later this week).  Then at sundown, we took a guided "Haunted Presidio" walking tour.  oooOOOOOoooohhh.

Our guide and docent were great.  This and a bunch of other guided tours are totally free, provided by the Golden Gate National Conservancy.  Check out the calendar of events and take one of the tours.  Seriously, do it. You won't be disappointed.

This walk was entirely in the dark.  My camera doesn't take good night-time pictures.  Sorry.

We started at the old Army hospital, stopped outside a few haunted houses, went inside the Officer's Club and then... 
The last stop on the tour was the basement of Building 102 on Montgomery Street.  Yes.  The basement.

Super spooky!

Aside from the ghost stories that made everything feel spookier than they were, the Presidio is really a lovely place after dark.  The buildings are fairly well lit and the streets are pleasently quiet.

Graduate school in the Presidio.  Go figure... Did you know that there are over 300 buildings in the Presidio? Yep. It's going to take me several more walks to see them all.  Can't wait to come back.

In the daylight, of course.


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