OCTOBER STATS: 15.2 miles

OCTOBER: 15.2 miles
SINCE I STARTED: 431.9 miles

While I walked 15 miles this month, I covered very little new ground.  The Glide Bridge to Bridge course was the same as last year so it didn't turn any new streets red.  It's okay.  The race raises funds for the Special Olympics so I don't consider the miles wasted.

October stood out in a few ways:
1)  I ran part of the Bridge to Bridge race;
2) I ran part of the Niketown 4 mile course; and
3) I FINALLY walked inside Golden Gate Park.

I'm looking forward to walking in November because I'm a sucker for holiday decorations.  I can't wait to see what everyone is doing to their front steps for Fall!


  1. i see you've dutifully avoided the southeastern parts of our fair city. check out www.indiabasin.org and come down for a shoreline walk/tour of the india basin waterfront!

  2. You caught me! I would love to take one of those tours to better understand the area. Thank you so much for the link!


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