3 miles in Mt. Davidson/Miraloma

This is my second pass through this neighborhood. I was on Mt. Davidson in January, and in Miraloma in May.  It was nice to be back.

Instead of parking on Myra Way and walking in near the top of the hill, I got the brainy idea to park on the dead end of Rockdale Dr. and climb up the north face of the hill.  Yikes! It's intense. 

After some serious huffing and puffing, we made it to the top.  The views are so worth it.

Aw, Kelly and Sam looking sweet.  The sunset was pretty sweet too.

Of course, the center of attention at the top of Mt. Davidson is a 103 foot concrete cross.  Always fun to look at.

Also fun to look at:  the yard decor in the Miraloma neighborhood on the north side of the hill.

I'm especially fond of giraffes.

Santa on a motorcycle, eh?

With access to free news on the internet, it's amazing to me that people still steal newspapers.

For funzies, here's a video from Mt. Davidson.  Enjoy!


  1. This is so inspiring! I really need to see more of our BEAUTIFUL city! :-D

  2. Thanks! Not to be biased, but I think San Francisco is the most beautiful city in the country. It just screams to be photographed!


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