2.3 Miles in Outer Sunset

We visited San Francisco last month and I squeezed three short walks into a tight schedule. This was the last one my daughter (on her balance bike) and I took before we headed back to LA.

The Outer Sunset is great for beginning riders and strollers because the sidewalks are wide and flat and traffic is light inside the neighborhood.

Of course the Muni train and increased traffic run along Taraval, so be careful when maneuvering or walking near that street.

This is not my first walk through the Outer Sunset.  It's a big, rather monotonous neighborhood that I've been hitting in small passes (click HERE, HERE, and HERE for my earlier walks in this area).

One other thing worth noting is that I forgot to pack my athletic sneakers for this trip to San Francisco.  So for all three walks over the same weekend (Twin Peaks, Diamond Heights, and this one) I wore my TOMS classics instead of athletic sneakers. I wear my TOMS full-time anyway, so I really didn't worry about blistering, etc.  To my delight, my feet actually hurt LESS after these walks than they would have when wearing my sneakers.  I may "forget" to pack my sneakers next time I'm in the City to walk. :)


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