1.5 Miles in South Sunset

Filling in the remaining gaps on my map, I took this 1.5 mile figure-eight around the South Sunset to continue my hunt for the most patriotic house in the Sunset and I might have found it...

One neat addition to this neighborhood is a Sunset Boulevard median rejuvenation sponsored by The Urban Farmer Store that has a location nearby.  The rocks and new plants add charming diversity to the otherwise rugged native foliage of this long divide between Sunset Blvd. and the Outer Sunset.

The Yorba Street connector between 40th and 41st Avenues is actually a wide sidewalk between two properties, well-graffitied and inaccessible by vehicle.

On this July 4th weekend walk, I decided to look for the most patriotic house in the neighborhood.  There wasn't much competition, but this house, decorated with an Uncle Sam decal AND an American Flag was the leading contender.  That was, until I took a walk in Parkside a few minutes later...   


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