4.2 Miles in Parkside

Sunday afternoons in the summer are the best time to walk the Parkside neighborhood.  Here's why...

I'll get to the why in just a second, first I want to note that the houses in this neighborhood are really nice.  They are bigger than the typical Doelger houses in the Sunset and have nicely groomed landscaping.

The walk I took followed the perimeter streets of Pine Lake Park.  On the north side of this park is Bob Cheney Field which is a beautiful sports complex.

Tucked behind the field is a fantastic playground my girls would love to visit so I have to remember this the next time we are all in the city.

The most prominent building in the neighborhood is the massive Edgewood campus.  Edgewood Center for Children and Families helps children, youth, and their families who are struggling with mental illness, and debilitating behavioral issues.

Now on to the "why" you want to walk this neighborhood on Sunday afternoons in the summer: the Stern Grove Festival! On the east side of Pine Lake Park, there is a deep bowl, heavily wooded by large sound-absorbing trees which muffle the loud music from blasting the neighboring homes.  The result is a very pleasant soundtrack as you walk above the park.  I very much enjoyed listening to Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers.

And in my quest to find the most patriotic house in the Sunset District, I found this place.  Definitely the winner of my very unofficial contest.  Happy birthday, America!


  1. Walking on air on Crestlake? (You missed a little blue on a great bike detour!)

    Just thinking of stern grove & pine lake conjures up the scent of eucalyptus!

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